A Few Questions Arising From A Three Thousand Mile Drive

1. What is the front part of a truck called? The non-trailer part?
2. There was a lot of roadwork in all the states I drove through, but in only California and New Mexico was that road work accompanied by the signs – which are relatively common in the DC Metro area – indicating that this roadwork was the result of federal stimulus. Does federal stimulus only go to blue states? Or are blue states the only ones that highlight that they have received federal stimulus? Or is there really no correlation here at all?
3. When cars pass trucks, why do they often get really close behind the truck and then pass? Why not change lanes earlier?
4. Why has no one ever mentioned to me how beautiful Southern California is?
5. In New Mexico, why would there be a border control checkpoint on I-20 that pulls over every car going west? Both sides of the checkpoint are in America…
6. Do cops think that nervous behavior is suspicious?

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