“Association of the Dead” Gone Live at Clarkesworld

I’m still navigating the appropriate way to use all my various social networkings. Everything is all cross-routed too. Like, my twitter feed and this blog post automatically post status updates on facebook, which is where all my real actual friends who I’ve met in real life can see things.

But any online followers from the writing world are probably not my facebook friends, and they might follow either blog or twitter. Anyway, I posted this to twitter a few days ago, but my story “The Association of the Dead” is online at Clarkesworld Magazine.

6 thoughts on ““Association of the Dead” Gone Live at Clarkesworld

    1. blotterpaper

      Hey Erin,

      Thanks. It’s always good to get a favorable comment from someone I have never met in person.


  1. Ben Godby

    Hey Rahul,

    Just wanted to say that “Association of the Dead” was a great read; really original, and tons crazy! It also made me more afraid of social networking than I already am.



    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Social networking is kind of terrifying. It lacks the sort of natural limits imposed by face to face communication. In real life, no matter how popular you are, there is kind of a limit on how many people can feel themselves to be intimate with you. But online there is no such limit. And being really popular can shade very weirdly into celebrity, with so many gradations in between….on the other hand,now that I think about it…that’s just like “real” life. Maybe what is so uncomfortable about it is that it rips the masks off and allows unspoken truths — about celebrity, popularity, and social interactions — to be easily and visibly quantified. That’s also a little of what makes it exciting. As in most slightly disquieting things, the whole endeavor is saved by being a pretty lowstakes game.


    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Thanks David. Does this one get a pass on your criticism of my “lack of heroism”? Also, I hope I got a pass on the bio. I wrote and rewrote it to try and highlight two things: 1) I am a young person! and 2) I am a highly-placed employee of the Man.

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