Going to the Land of the Pure

Headed to Pakistan in a few hours for work. I am pretty excited about it. Not only is the way we travel for work kind of decadent and carefree, but I am officially going to be sleeping through the vast majority of grad school notifications. When I wake up, I’ve either been emailed or not…but there’s no need to hit refresh again and again and wait. And I’ve never been to Pakistan before, and it’s kind of silly how excited I am about it.

Also, also, I got a Kindle DX and have loaded it with roughly a bajillion books. Where my last trip to India involved lugging twenty pounds of books, on this trip my case will be svelte as hell.

Also, I feel like /slash I know that the recent spate of blog activity has gotten me a few more readers (whoever you are). Don’t go away, we’re just getting rolling.