Doing my thing…and whatnot…

Been a pretty hectic six weeks. My hard drive crashed a week into March and I lost everything that I’d written this year (the recovery company could never nothing). So I kind of lost my taste for writing, and for this blog for awhile. In the midst of this minor depression, I got a job (hopefully). And I visited the Bay Area, once again reminding myself that, in addition to being awesome myself, I have awesome friends*. On that far away shore, I had perhaps what is one of the best times every had by anyone, ever. Now I’m back** and writing again, and I decided to reboot this blog (because otherwise the opinions just pour out of my skin in this strange green excresence***).

*You’re welcome

**And I have a great new backup drive that backs up everything, always. Hear that, ye gremlins?

***Man, I love expressing opinions. Just love it.

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