My dreams have started to have endings

I’m not sure how most people dream, but I tend to remember my dreams in long, uninterrupted sequences that segue from one plotline and setting to another. For instance, I’ll be in the midst of one dream and then sit down to watch TV within it, and the content of that television program will become the content of my dream and we will never return to the action of the previous setting. And then I wake up, and nothing ends. It’s kind of exhausting.

But recently, my dreams have started to come to a close. For instance, last night I was involved in a thoroughly banal murder frame-up plot and I actually got out of it by blackmailing a cop who looked like Kevin James before I got involved in some weird singing quarter / vigilante squadron headed by Billy Crystal. It was great to have that sense of closure.

One thought on “My dreams have started to have endings

  1. Kaleb

    I know exactly what you mean, I had a dream once, I wrote it down, where I was hanging in a treehouse and I started watching a movie I became distinctively three different people in the TV, I/we were trying to cause mayhem.

    My most recent dream, that I wrote down on my blog, is the first one I remember have a full conclusive ending in my entire life.

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