Let’s spin around the world backwords, or something.

Another year gone. And it was a pretty good one, so it’s hard to complain.

Firstly, I started writing for publication on December 20th, 2003, so this marks the end of my fifth year of seriously trying to make a go at it. My production has dipped steadily ever since the first year. This year was my lowest ever, at about 43,800 words, or 1,000 less than last year. Not spectacular, I know. But I did complete ten stories, including some of what I think is my best work ever. And I made my first pro sale*, as well as clocking my 326th rejection.

Rest of my life-wise, I’ve had a pretty good time. I had a great second half of my senior year (in comparison to the utterly dismal first half). Made some new friends, had some fun times, graduated from college (yay). I enjoyed myself this summer, in Willows, and although the past few months have, at times, been a trial, they’ve also been fairly interesting.

My main resolution for the coming year was to end this dismal writing attrition, although I’m still working on the exact method for doing that (I keep hoping it’ll involve some magical formula, rather than willpower).

But this seems as apropriate a place to note that, no matter happens, I’ve had a fairly good life, thus far. Perhaps not what I expected, but filled with joys made all the more satisfying for being so surprisings.

Happy New Year to the rest of you.

*The stupid dog ate my check from Nature. I need to get that fixed somehow.