A Headache’s worth of posts

After being left with a lingering headache from Anthony’s 21st birthday party, I arrived back at school to find that the world had moved on in my absence. It’s amazing the number of things that can happen without a single person mentioning them to me.

For instance, Russia invaded George and John Edwards admitted to having an affair with the woman who may or may not be the mother of his illegitimate child (though both he and she deny that the girl is his). The first of these items kind of speaks for itself. The second is the kind of news story that I really love. A man cheating on his terminally ill wife while he runs for president and then getting a prominent black politician to take the fall for him…that’s good stuff.

When we were driving back the local country music station was having their “sunday oldies” show, which was hosted by the crustiest sounding old cowboy I’ve ever heard. And he would intersperse the music with delightful bits of commentary. One of his jokes was particularly bizarre. It went:

“So, a young woman said to her boyfriend, ‘I’ve really got to get something off my chest’ And he said, ‘What is it, baby?’ and then she replied, ‘Your eyes.”

Which is not a terrible joke, but it took me several moments to get it, because modern social mores have made it completely outdated. The joke can really only make sense in a culture where boyfriends ogle their girlfriends, and that’s considered disrespectful. In turn, I’d guess that could only happen in a culture where people assume, even when two people are dating steadily, that they are not having sex. Maybe that culture still exists, but not anywhere that I’ve lived, not even up here in the rural Sacramento Valley.

One thought on “A Headache’s worth of posts

  1. stephen

    you’re wrong. the joke is a simplification of man-wants-sex-woman-wants-a-man-who-doesn’t-want-sex-/all/-the-time dynamic that seems to characterize so many opposite-sex relationships. and there is certainly nothing in the joke implying that it is culturally unacceptable for a man to ogle his girlfriend. the implication is just that she doesn’t want him to look at her breasts.

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