I really can’t be bothered

I was reading this article in Scientific American about how making choices tires out your brain. For instance:

For example, in one study the researchers found that participants who made more choices in a mall were less likely to persist and do well in solving simple algebra problems. In another task in the same study, students who had to mark preferences about the courses they would take to satisfy their degree requirements were much more likely to procrastinate on preparing for an important test. Instead of studying, these “tired” minds engaged in distracting leisure activities.

On some level, I guess this study is obvious. Deciding shit is hard. And of course people don’t want to do it. But it is interesting to think thatall decisions draw from the same well of decision-making mana. So basically, the more decisions you have to make (about anything that involves an actual choice), the more exhausted your brain becomes and the less it wants to make choices in the future. What weird ramifications this has, if true. For instance, one would expect that people who are very disciplined in their personal lives would have a harder time making decisions at work. And people who make alot of decisions every day, like the President of the United States, might eventually become tired of making difficult decisions and start to allow others to make the decisions for them.

For now, I will officially use this finding to avoid things like cleaning.

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