Easing into this…

I also don't like the word "snark". I guess it fulfills a valuable gap in the english language. God knows we need a word for rude comments that are also intended to be funny. But I hate the cuteness of it. It's just another expression for making fun of something. But the connotation, and the very sound of the word is such that you feel like a bad sport if you don't laugh.

It's also a word that I mostly hear women say or write. I'm not sure if the cuteness is something added by them so they can have a non-threatening word for making fun of people or if the word is cute merely because the fairer sex is speaking it.

An exchange that just happened in the newspaper offices.

Man: "Can I get some newspapers?"
My Fellow Intern: "That'll be a dollar each."
Man: "Okay, my wife's obituary is in there."

After selling him the papers:

Fellow Intern: "Have a good day."
Man: "Yeah, if I get a girlfriend."

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