Well, I just went from a ton of stories to revise to roughly 6 (I abandoned two Clarion stories, until further notice). And I feel good about it. I’m going to send out submissions tomorrow. And with all due respect to Livia, I do not abide by her theory of only sending out submissions to markets where they are well-suited. I definitely have some markets that I have a good feel for, and I try to send them only the submissions that I think may be appropriate (and I always try to give them one which is better than the last, because who wants to waste Sheila’s time?). But there are also a ton of markets that are either confused or new. I don’t have time to read every market. They don’t have time to read every submission. I feel like we’ve achieved a parity of noncaring. It’s sort of a marginal cost vs. marginal benefit sort of thing (those economists have brainwashed me!)

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  1. livia_llewellyn

    Um, it’s not really a “theory” – it’s just something I believes works best for the kind of stories I write (which are dark, weird, female-centric, and therefore not suited for a number of the bigger markets), and it’s a practice that I don’t expect anyone else to follow. In fact, most people think I’m a fucking idiot for not sending stories out to ALL markets. But I just don’t see the need to send my stories to places like F&SF, that would never publish my fiction. It’s a waste of their time to read my crap, and a waste of my time (and postage money) to send it to them. Then again, I only write about one publishable story a year, and I’m pretty much a non-entity in the industry, so I can do batshit-crazy stuff like this.

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