You know, I’ve been seeing this term in the newspapers recently and I have to say that I just don’t think it’s very accurate. Fascism is militaristic. It believes in a government that works hand in hand with large corporate interests to control the economy. It is profoundly nationalistic, and often regards religion as a threat against loyalty to the state.

Islamic terrorism is composed of a wide variety of movements, from the purely secular to the jihadist. What ideals they have in common have little to do with fascism. To me it feels both historically inaccurate and slightly manipulative to use the term islamofascism or islamic fascism.

Also, while we’re on that topic, allow me to say that I don’t really consider “islamofascism”, whatever is meant by that, to be one of the greatest threats to western civilization today. No matter who rules in the Middle East, they’re still going to want money. And if they still want money, they’re going to sell us oil. I agree that terrorism is slightly disquieting. But Isreal still does great business despite being under constant threat of terrorism. India has major terrorist incidents nearly every year (a few years back gunmen shot up the Rajya Sabha, which would be like gunmen bursting into the Capitol and shooting three congressmen), and their GDP is growing at 7% a year.

To me it seems like there are some far greater threats to Western Civilization, like the threat that China and Japan will stop buying U.S. Treasury Bills (and thus financing our deficit), which will end up leading to a huge devaluation of the dollar, which will end up leading to a world-wide depression. Or the threat of imminent environmental collapse. Or even the massive threat of depopulation in almost all the countries of the first world (outside the U.S. of course, go immigrants!)