Stupid Psyche

Well my brain failed to heed Michael Swanwick’s words of wisdom. I pretty much have not written a word since Clarion ended. I have a great outline of a story that I really want to write. I’ve polished this outline something great using the methods I gleaned from Sean. But every day I end up playing Smash Bros. on my n64 emulator rather than sitting down and banging out the damn story. I have also failed to do more than organize my critiques into nice piles for the far off day when I end up actually revising my damned Clarion stories.

Well it ends now! This is my line in the sand. I am goin to war with myself to finish that damned story (or another one) before I head back to college on the 19th (and no, it’s not Anal Probe. I think that story is pretty well blocked right now).

One thought on “Stupid Psyche

  1. crinis

    After you write it, we critique it! Hopefully before Big Game.
    (And please don’t put anal probe and blocked in the same parens again).

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