Prague and Amsterdam

Have both come and gone. They were good cities, especially Prague. Although I did get locked out of my hotel room at around 11 PM one night in Prague and spent the next nine hours wandering through Prague, getting lost, drinking absinthe, getting a cab to drive me back to the hotel, getting lost again, ending up on the other side of the goddamned river, and doing other things that I definitely don’t want my kids reading about. It was pretty fun at the time, though sometime around 8 AM I thought I was going to be walking through that goddamned city forever.

We spent our last few days in Amsterdam destitute and starving, because the credit card company had blocked my cards (I did not know you had to tell them you’d be traveling, bastards!) and Ben spent all of his money on ornamental glass “tobacco” pipes. But that ended up being pretty decent fun too.

As for me, I am at home in D.C. for three more weeks. Three blessed weeks of rest and recuperation and writing. These past nine weeks, between Clarion and Europe, have been completely nuts. I’m actually glad I went to Europe right after Clarion (even though I felt pretty sick at the time). They were just two completely different experiences. And being in a place where I actually could not write really took off the pressure to measure up to Clarion.

Oh yeah, while I’m catching up. Congrats to Livia, Will and Nye on their sales! And to Casey on not being, well, dead. Although she is training to be a lawyer, so maybe that would have actually helped her career.

7 thoughts on “Prague and Amsterdam

  1. blotterpaper

    Wow, I already congratulated the three of them…well…I’ll just chawk (did I spell that word right, Chawk? No, it’s spelled chalk) it up to my completely addled mind. Also, I’m too lazy to go back and edit the entry.

  2. alexotica

    Welcome back to the States, Rahul. We moved some cities around while you were gone. Sold Texas (we didn’t think you would miss it). Legalized everything that’s legal in Amsterdam, but re-criminalized it during your flight back to D.C. We put viruses in our lunchmeat, but that might just have been under the influence of booze. It’s good to have you back.

    1. blotterpaper

      You only think you’re joking. I’m gone for three freaking weeks and they decide that Pluto isn’t a planet. They were holding that conference in Prague while we were there too. I should have gone in and given them a piece of my mind. Those astronomers should have gone out and found Planet X like they were freaking supposed to. Instead they decide to cut their losses and one of my most beloved planets!

        1. blotterpaper

          You bet your ass I am. After all those hours I spent playing Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego I really feel like the astronomical establishment owes me something.

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