In Amsterdam

Hey, I’m posting this from the seedy bar attached to my hotel, with people lighting up joints a few feet away. I’ve only been here a day, so there’s not much to report (and if you’ve read this journal long, you’d know that I’m terrible at reporting actual events from my life). I did a notebook here, and even if I can’t write, I’m going to attempt to at least jot down all the story ideas I’ve been having now that Clarion is finally over.

In other news, I’m still sick. Yes, the illness followed me into D.C. and then 4000 miles away. It’s a much more minor sickness than it was at Clarion, but it still sucks. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “In Amsterdam

  1. relby

    I’m sorry to hear you’re still sick…
    I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway– just don’t fall into any of the canals!

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