So then…

I have been home for three whole nights and I have not even thought about writing, which is both comforting and frightening. I’m leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow, and my ear is blocked up. I’m seeing the doctor today, but if it doesn’t clear up before flight time I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, since I really don’t want my eardrum to rupture.

My post-Clarion life has been extremely prosaic. My sickness quieted down after coming home and I’ve finally managed to get some full nights of sleep. But for some reason I always wake up around 7 AM, no matter when I go to bed. I hope Clarion didn’t break me.

I’m trying to write up a post that summarizes my Clarion experience, but it is a somewhat daunting task. I think I need to outline it or something. In any case, I already really miss my Clarion classmates and I’m worried that my interaction with them is going to be limited to reading their livejournals and blogs. I’m not really sure how to change that, but it bears some thought.

6 thoughts on “So then…

  1. thatmadgirl

    Well, I didn’t get sick until I got HOME. I guess that means I can’t blame you for it… 😉
    And I hope the doctor can help! That’s really crappy, I’m not sure I would have even thought about the eardrum thing.

  2. aimeempayne

    We were talking about a mini Clarion at some point. We could make sure we schedule it for when you and Casey are on break from school.

  3. crinis

    Stanfurd is right up the road. The Bay Area Clarion 2006 Writers’ Group will begin operations just as soon as the Quarter/Semester begins (forgot which one the farm uses). See you soon!

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