I think that it’s day 33

Earlier, I had my conference with Holly. She said nice things about my stories and gave me some good ideas on how to improve them. My main issues (in all three of them) seem to be with characterization (as well as the plot holes that I need to pave over). But what I realized with this last story is that it’s possible to go back and add that sort of stuff in without having to jettison or completely rewrite the story. As such, I am guardedly looking forward to the task of revision.

After that I slept, alot. Then we watched some british comedy called League of Gentlement in the lounge. It was pretty damn creepy, actually.

Story #6 is in the very early conceptual stages. I think it’s going to be an extremely different story from everything I’ve written so far.

So yea, other than that, we only have one week left. I’m actually kind of dissappointed. The tension has sort of died down here, and I think my writing is improving with each week. Although, that might not be fully apparent from my stories since I’m still struggling to assimilate everything. But if I could do this for another six weeks, I probably would.

Another wierd thing, I’ve realized how little time I actually spend writing, even here at Clarion. For the past two weeks my stories have gone through a five day conceptual phase, where I outlined heavily and tried to get the bones of the plot in my head. Then I wrote both of them in a frantic two day rush.

I don’t think I’ve had a single story here at Clarion where I did not write 80% of the words in two consecutive days. I’m still up in the air as to whether that’s good or bad. I think that for my next story I’m going to go easier on the outlining (especially since there’s much less world-building to do), and try to let it grow organically.

2 thoughts on “I think that it’s day 33

  1. kellysarah

    2 days
    Me too, 2-days is how long I’ve spent on pretty much everything, though i do spend alot more time than that thinking on it.

  2. dr_phil_physics

    See — this is why the workshop is six weeks. Because even though you’re going all out and doin’ nothin’ but writin’ — actually you aren’t and you can’t. So if you’re spending two days a week working on a week’s story — you’re doing pretty good. (grin)
    Dr. Phil
    Clarion 2004

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