Week Five Ends

Critique of my story “The Other Realms Were Built With Trash” (yep, changed the title) went pretty much the way I thought it would. They noticed alot of the problems that I knew were still in there (sparse detail at times, lack of characterization etc.) but applauded my world-building. Others found it confusing, which I did not expect but which makes sense in retrospect.

Kelly really liked it, which was surprising to me. And Holly seemed to get a kick out of my twisting the fairy mythos around. In general, I’m extremely happy with the way the story turned out. Writing the damn thing was like pulling teeth, but I thought that this was the first time I managed to come up with an internal conflict/resolution that was subtle and new. I’m actually looking forward to re-revising it when I leave Clarion. Nye coined my favorite term for the story, “Trashpunk”, which is actually pretty apt. Afterwards, I discovered that Livia had also written a Trashpunk story. Take that, Steve!

I’m also very happy that no one said “It was funny”, and some people even said that it was dark. Now, while I’m not a person who aspires to write “dark”, I hate letting light elements slip in unintentionally and letting them distract people. So I actually went through this story and ruthlessly excised even the slightest bit of humor (and in fact there was quite a bit, including some double entendres). I’m glad that this effort was rewarded.

But for now, it’s on to the next story! Now there are some at the Clarion workshop who promise “Blubberpunk” or “Butterflies” and never deliver. But some of us keep our promises. The long, hard phalanges of “Anal Probe” are on their way.

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