Revision Madness…

I normally don't revise anything I write. That's not because I only let gems fall from my fingertips. It's because I'm lazy. But today, after letting Steve B. read my story (which is always guaranteed to spur someone to action), I realized that my story needed some sort of character arc. So, in the most intense revision I have ever done on an ostensibly completed piece, I put one in.

I ended up adding 1500 words (bringing it up to 4250), which screwed up my nice little linear regression. And I know that if I had the time or energy, there are things I still need to add (and one scene that I completely half-assed because it was necessary for the plot). Right now my story is more where I stopped than where I finished. But in general I'm really happy with the way it turned out. However, I'm not going to talk much more about it in order to avoid influencing people.

This whole revision process made me really hopeful about my other Clarion stories (and all the crap I wrote before, of course). It was difficult, but it's amazing how it's possible to add so much more depth to a story (and take out so much crap, of course) without completely gutting what you've already written.

Anyway, I still have to read the stories for today's circle, so I'm signing off.

And yes, this was my second all-nighter in a row (although I did get five and a half hours of sleep in between yesterday's critique circle and the reading)

2 thoughts on “Revision Madness…

  1. but_nooooo

    In a ROW?
    Okay, Sean and I both have two under our belt … but I think this in-a-row business puts you clearly as the winner.
    Technically, the 5.5 hours of sleep in between cancels the “in a row” bit…but I had a week between my all-nighters, and Manseau had several.
    So….geez, man, you win!! Feel the pride!!
    (I might pull one tonight, but I actually think it would be nice to get a few hours. Chinese food late, maybe see you ’round the Cirque O’ Power.)

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