Clarion Day…ack

Alright I'm in Van Hoosen and I am 1700 words into my story "Alex Knows All The Words". I know exactly what is going to happen, and based on my current scene lengths, I think I have 2000-3000 words left to write. Words that I am damned well going to write tonight. Man, I hate writing. It's probably the dullest thing on earth. Finishing a story is the great part though.

EDIT: Nearly midnight right now, and I'm at 2500 words. Jesus, every word in this thing is like pulling teeth. I'm pretty sure that I'm purposely writing short scenes just so I can get them over with. Not to mention that my internal editor is snorting adderol, while my creative mind is getting maudlin drunk in a corner. Not a heady mix for writin a first draft. But I am finishing this tonight, dammit. And it may be crap, I just don't care. Like a particularly hard piece of crap (perhaps caused by eating too much rice), I need to pass it before it gets impacted and causes a blockage.

4 thoughts on “Clarion Day…ack

  1. alexotica

    You better not drag my name into a dull story, Rahul. I will so out you as an LRH fan to the Haldemans, Link, Black, and anyone else I meet at the picnic.
    But way to go, getting so far on a new story already.

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