Well, long time, no post.

So much the drinking now, not good now to post on the internet. Actually, that poor grammar was an affectation. But I have been drinking, and that will doubtless come out in the content. Anyway, my story was critiqued. The response was not that great, but I will recover, revise, and sell, I have no doubt of that.

We clarionites had our first real party tonight, at which I got pretty bombed (and after which Sean gifted me with two bottles of tequila), so take that as you will. Right now I am going to take a stab at writing some story. Good night and good luck

4 thoughts on “Well, long time, no post.

    1. Anonymous

      You writing now? You a crazy man.
      I’m only blogging….
      I do not doubt your publishing zen…
      The Lit Brit.

  1. thatmadgirl

    You wrote after the party? Wow, I applaud your work ethic! I on the other hand, collapsed on top of my bed without turning the sheets down.
    I need get up this morning to bid Nancy farewell, however.

    1. blotterpaper

      I haven’t actually looked at what I wrote after the party. According to Felice I explained my story idea to her, we talked for awhile, then I started explaining it again, in exactly the same words…
      That’s the bad thing about me and alcohol. My writing and speech remain completely comprehensible long after my mind has turned to mush. The number of embarassing emails that have come about due to that is innumerable.

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