Clarion Day 13

So, I've realized that this Clarion Journal is incredibly me-centric. I don't think I've really mentioned anyone else, which must make it sort of boring for my fellow Clarionites. So I was considering writing a description of the reading last night, but I decided not to. I'm just too self-centered. To me, you are just moths that cluster around the light of my tremendous presence.

In other news, I finally got off my ass and started writing the story. It's currently at 500 words. I sort of want it to be 2000 before I go to sleep tonight, so I can possibly finish it tomorrow, revise it Tuesday and turn it in on Wednesday morning (putting me on exactly the same damn schedule I've been on for the past two weeks dammit!). I've just finished writing the hippy sex (well, really the hippy post-coital moment) that a certain unnamed someone asked me to put in, but it's taking up alot of room so I'm not too sure about it. Other than that, I have a fairly good idea of what the two scenes I'm writing tonight are going to be, but after that it gets fuzzy (until the end). Oh well.

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