My story was critiqued yesterday. In general, it was not a terrible experience at all. It got generally positive critiques. Basically it worked, it felt like a story. Its ending blew, which I sort of expected (since I just sort of slammed it on at the end). But the stuff I worried about wasn’t really mentioned (which makes sense, since I spent most of my time trying to fix that stuff). I’m particularly glad that the class liked the sci-fi touches I put in, since I spent awhile thinking about how stuff like this would work in the future.

My meeting with Michael went well. He went through my submission stories, and I realized that they were quite terrible. But he said that the stories I’ve written since coming to Clarion have shown a marked improvement, which is nice.

So yea, I’m glad that the story got a decent reception. In my next story I really want to do something that retains those worldbulding aspects, but has more of an emotional core. I think I have an idea, but I’m procrastinating about starting it. I think I’ll do another day of outlining and sstart first thing tomorrow.

In other news, we spent last night decompressing. One group of people went to a bar and I remained with another group in Van Hoosen. We had alot of fun listening to music, talking to Michael Swanwick, etc. Then I slept until 12 PM this morning.

Which brings us today, Michael Swanwick is gone, Nancy Kress is here. We’re having a reading at 8 PM tonight, just us Clarion students showing off our work. It should be great fun.