Day 4 – Learning Experience

My story came under critique. Reaction was generally not that good. I tried to take on something that was way too big for me and I let all the balls drop. Problems all over the place, including ones I’m particularly annoyed about because I generally consider them my strengths (like dialogue). But whatever. I had my meeting with Chip and we talked about how best to approach my next story. I think I’m going to go for something very simple and focus on visualization getting the setting details down just so. He talked alot before the critique circle on how to focus on what your story is really about, which was interesting since I had never approached a story in that way before. I have a couple of ideas I’m bouncing around, but I haven’t decided which of them is the most compelling.

Currently I am about halfway through my critiques for Day 5 and I’m glad we’re going to have the weekend soon, so I can take a few days to breathe. I’m going to aim to have a draft done by the end of the weekend or so, and I’m planning on having somebody read it beforehand and tell me if my judgment is clouded.