Day 2

Done, so ridiculously done with my story. It is 7200 words (in two days!), which is the longest story I have ever written (I’ve been inspired by all the long stories around here). I still have mixed feelings about it, but it does do some nifty things, it incorporates some ideas I have been meaning to try, and it’s pretty different from my normal work. Does that necessarily equate to good? Not hardly. I’m planning on doing a few hours of revision so that all the obvious glaring points that need to be addressed, are. And I plan on submitting it tomorrow morning for critique on Thursday.

Other than that, today was pretty fun. Chip is always full of knowledge. I especially love how he begins alot of his points with “Didn’t W.H. Auden once say…” or something like that. The man is erudite. Reminds me why reading books is good.

We played Mafia after dinner. I once again reminded myself that I am the world’s worst liar. Terrible at it. And it’s not even that I sound like I am lying when I really am lying. It’s even worse, I sound like I’m lying when I tell the truth…man. Good thing all my short stories are 100% true.

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