David Feintuch died

I just learned that one of my favorite writers of space opera died in March. Now, I'm not going to pretend that I grieve for him, since I didn't really know him. What I do grieve for is all the books by him that I'll never get to read, and I think that sentiment is far more honest. I was really looking forward to another Seafort books, it was one of those series that was interminable but in which each book was self-sustained. And in the last one he set up this great plotline involving Aliens and a revolution by the church...damn it was going to be great. If you want to start the series, it begins with Midshipman's Hope, which is another in a long line of Horatio Hornblower derivatives, but I really liked Nicholas Seafort. He veers between wild incompetency and bursts of genius.

Anyway, RIP Nicholas Seafort and David Feintuch.

One thought on “David Feintuch died

  1. mroctober

    I forgot about Feintuch. I only read his first fantasy novel and the internalized homophobia rubbed me the wrong way. But his space opera was very popular.

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